Fine tuning Karaoke CD+G Creator

First — text in boxes. I understand you mean text that is displayed in the middle of a picture (like a TV-set in our sample). This is very simple to achieve. You need to use ‘Set text area’ CD+G event. First you select the picture that will be the background (select Display picture check box and use Properties button to load the picture). Make sure you align it the way you want it to appear (it will probably be default center position, but maybe you want to change it). Then select Define custom area radio button. It allows you to define the ‘box’ that will contain the text. The full CD+G screen is 216×192 — you may either experiment of open the picture in image editing software to get the necessary numbers. And that’s it — the text will be ‘framed’.


And about the colors — CD+G format allows maximum 16 colors. You may use ‘Colors’ CD+G event to change the colors of the text after ‘Set text area’ event has been used. However if you used text effects (shadow, outline, etc) it is not possible — the entire text will change the color. If you are not using the effects, you may change the color once per each page.


There is an advanced way to use more colors. First you need to set the text box using ‘Set text area’ event but without displaying the picture (Display picture check box unselected). Then use ‘Overprint picture’ event to display the image. You may select the number of colors the image will use, so if it is a simple picture you may choose 4 which will leave 10 colors for the text (2 are used for background and border).


It may be not _very_ simple, but once you do it for the first time it should be easy.