How to adjust Karaoke CD+G Creator settings

> 1. I have some other technology to process lead vocals out of audio tracks

> (nothing against your technology). Clearly, it’s much easier to

> synchronize the lyrics to the audio tracks with the lead vocals than to

> the audio tracks without the lead vocals. Is there some way to easily save

> and restore synchronized cd+g lyrics or do I need to go outside your tool?

> If I need to go outside your tool, do you have a recommendation?


You may use the original track (containing the audio) to synchronize the lyrics and then replace the soundtrack using ‘Load soundtrack’ command. The synchronization will be preserved. Simply answer ‘Yes’ to the question if you are sure to replace the soundtrack.


> 2. Maybe it’s my eyes or maybe it’s my screen but the white / grey / brown

> word synchronization color scheme is barely usable. I can hardly tell one

> color from the next. Is this configurable somewhere. It so, it was not

> obvious where the option page was. Btw, even in the help text it’s hard to

> tell the difference so I don’t think it’s something flaky about execution

> on my system. But, perhaps it could be your software in my graphics

> config. FYI, I’m running Windows XP in 16bit display color mode on an HP

> Omnibook 6000.


Unfortunately, the colors are not configurable. At least not yet. Maybe if you played a little with contrast and/or brightness of your screen would get you the better results? I must admit we do have ‘color schemes’ on the list of to do items, but it will not become completed in a couple of months yet.